English Prepositions Explained
This completely revised and expanded edition of English Prepositions Explained (EPE), originally published in 1998, covers approximately 100 simple, compound, and phrasal English prepositions of space and time – with the focus being on short prepositions--English Prepositions Explained
Acknowledgements ix
Preface to the second edition xi
Symbols, abbreviations and features of format xiii
ch. 1 Introduction and orientation 1
ch. 2 Toward(s), to, in/into, inward, outward, through, out (of), from (vs off), away (from) 29
ch. 3 On', off, one: On the in-/outside, on top (of), back, forward, ahead, to/on the right/left (of), off, away, along out, toward(s), about, around, concerning, under, upon, on the back of 51
ch. 4 In, on', out, into: During, inside, within 72
ch. 5 Beside, along, against, alongside, aside: To/on the right/left (of) 81
ch. 6 Between, among(st): In between, amid(st), in the midst (of), in the middle (of), inter- 89
ch. 7 Across (from), opposite (from), on the other side (of), beyond: Behind, over, at the other end (of) 97
ch. 8 Behind, on the other side (of), in back (of), in front (of): Before, after, ahead of in the front/back (of) 103
ch. 9 Above, over: Across, through, via, during, throughout 109
ch. 10 Around/Round, by, past: Over, all around, all over, all across, about, on, roundabout 133
ch. 11 By, near, past: Near to, nearby, close (to), next to, around 144
ch. 12 Under, below: Beneath, underneath, at/on the bottom (of), in 156
ch. 13 Back, backward(s): One, forward, ahead 167
ch. 14 At: In, on', to, toward(s), by, near, with 173
ch. 15 Against: Near, by, on', into, at 183
ch. 16 Up, down: Off, out 189
ch. 17 Of Off, with, at, in, about, from... 205
ch. 18 With: For, to, without, together, apart (from) 214
ch. 19 For: To, of 224
ch. 20 To: With, for, against 233
ch. 21 Survey and Index of important abstract notions expressed by prepositions 243
References 263
Glossary 268
General Index 271
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